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You can download an Application to print, and then pay the Credit and Background Check fee(s) from Here through paypal (they accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and some other Credit Cards in addition to paypal), or just bring a check made out to Terrace Estates. After you have completely filled out the application and signed it, you can fax it to (801)476-4574 or even better to scan (or take a very good picture of the entire page) and email it to There is a $20 per person credit & background fee, if you like you can email this fee to using, this would a quicker way to submit the application and get it started .




If you would like an application, click here to download it, then just print, fill out and fax or email it to us.
You can fax it to (801)476-4574 or better and quicker to email it to (or if you want bring it with you when you come).




Pay for the credit & background check; then just fax or email the app.
Faxing to (801)476-4574, or better Emailing to, or Other? Please enter F or E or O .



Would you like to leave any comments or questions when your done? Then click here.


Everyone over 17 years old will need to have a credit and background check done.


If there are to be more than 2 adults, just pay twice; so that the total number of adults will equal the number of credit and background checks being done.


If you are accepted then we can apply this credit and background check fee to your deposit at the end of the lease's term.


If you are paying from here, please note that you should return here after your payment via PayPal has been completed. A receipt for your payment should be emailed to you from PayPal.

(You can go to (or contact) for details concerning the transaction.)


There needs to be one application completely filled out and signed by each adult applicant. Then the application(s) should be faxed to us at (801)476-4574 or better emailed to . (To better protect the applicant(s)).

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